Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Don't Cancel Your Chiropractic Appointment, Especially if You Have a Headache

Has this ever been you?

"Hi, I'm going to have to cancel my chiropractic appointment today because I have a headache."

Don't Do It!!!

People mistakenly feel that because they have a headache they are better off skipping their chiropractic appointment. Unfortunately, the opposite is often becomes true and cancelling appointments usually sets you back in 2 ways:

1. We only schedule the appointments that you need to fix your back or neck, shoulder, knee, etc. Each treatment that is skipped prolongs the treatment period and sets the stage for flair ups.

2. Many of the things that we treat directly such as tight muscles, joints, and tension in the spine and neck actually cause or contribute to headaches. So when you're feeling your worst, you absolutely should make your best effort to get in to your scheduled appointment.

Let the doctor know that you're not doing so well and he will most likely tailor that day's treatment so that you not only keep on track with your original complaint, but that you get rid of your headache that much faster.

-Dr. Darin

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