Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Eat More, Lose Weight? This is How. Seriously.

I've heard from several people in the weight loss program that they are eating more than ever and are losing weight steadily.  How can this be?  It's really pretty simple. 

First, when I show someone how to lose weight, I don't give them a fad diet or use gimmicks.  People often set themselves up for weight gain just by violating a few simple health principles.  Show someone the principles to eat by and the body goes into gear losing weight and getting healthier.  Here are just two examples:

1.  The first big mistake I see often is skipping breakfast, or eating high sugar/caffeine kinds of things in the morning as a breakfast substitute.  "Break-Fast".  You are breaking your overnight fast, so give your body a nutritious jump-start on the day.  This boosts your metabolism, which was lowered as you slept, so that your body turns "on", usually giving people more sustained energy throughout the day by providing nourishment to tackle the day ahead.  Just eating a sugary donut coffee drink pushes your metabolism and body in the exact opposite direction.  This is one of the worst things you can do.  If you want your coffee, mocha or chai tea, do it after you've given your body and chance to digest some real food. 

2. Stop eating high calorie/sugar/fat foods before bed or late at night!  This also works totally against your body's natural metabolism and against your weight loss goals.  If you eat that bowl of ice cream, or cereal, or popcorn and then go to bed, what would you expect your body to do with all of that energy (in the form of food) that you just ate while you rest?  IT WILL STORE IT AS FAT.  Very simple. 

These are the kinds of things that make a tremendous difference in the lives of people, and we havn't even talked about specific foods,which again, is much simpler than many people think.  And it works!! 

-Dr. Shriver

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