Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Health Begins at the Beginning - Digestion

The ability to break food down properly and assimilate it for growth and to make energy is one of the principle characteristics of a living organism.  But it's not uncommon for people to show the signs of digestive distress for months or even years without ever fixing it.  What's at risk is not just feeling crummy after a big meal or dealing with hearburn, these are significant signs that the system isn't working properly and needs fixed!  For example, if someone has LOW stomach acid, they may get heartburn, which can be painful and annoying.  But here are just a couple thing that you won't feel until it has become a serious problem:

  • An inability to absorb B12 and Iron, which may lead to chronic fatigue and anemia
  • An inability to absorb Calcium, which may lead to muscle cramps, brittle nails and dry skin, and speed up the development of osteoporosis and degeneration.

  • Low stomach acid will also slow down or stop the breakdown of protein, which will lead to subtle signs of malnourishment and fatigue.

There are several reasons one may have a slow or inefficient upper digestive tract, and finding the reason addressing that is a much better approach than relying on ant-acids to suppress only the symptoms of poor digestion.

If this has raised any questions about your own health, get them answered!  Chronic heartburn and indigestion are NOT just an inconvenience, they are a sign that the system needs a little help and isn't working well!  But don't fret, there are answers and there are great natural solutions that put the body's systems back in normal working order.  That's real "health-care"!

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