Wednesday, September 8, 2010

More Energy and Less Stress for Me, How about You?

Most people would say they could use just that, more energy and less stress.  But where does energy come from?  Caffeine?  Sugar?  It can, but they only provide short term energy before leaving you to crash and end up worse off than before.

I recently got married, which can be pretty stressful on the body and mind, but I feel great, feel energized and clear headed, and here is why.  About 5 months ago I started taking some specific supplements to help my body overcome the stress from seasonal allergies which were about to start in the spring, like the usually do.  And it worked, like it always does, and I eliminated the allergies I had been dealing with for several years.  But I stuck with it even after the allergies went away and I continued to notice improvements in how I slept and felt, and how I performed at work and even on my bicycle.

Why would supplements for allergies have those effects?   

Because they are NOT specifically for allergies!   

 They were to support the organs and body systems that were struggling in the first place that eventually would lead to allergies for me!

They focused on improving liver function (the body's detoxifyer, hormone synthesizer, food metabolizer, etc) and decreasing histamine production, and since I knew I had a wedding coming up I added supplements that directly support the body's ability to handle stress.

Better stress handling = better immune function = less allergies and more energy = less stress!

Not ramp up adrenaline and energy with chemicals like caffeine and sugar, like so many people do on a daily basis, but support normal function of the body's stress response.  The results are awesome and the difference in how I feel is fantastic. 

This is how I approach health every day with patients and family.  Symptoms they are experiencing point us toward areas of the body that are not functioning properly and by specifically supporting those organs and systems with the nutrients and stimulation they are lacking, they begin to function better.  For example, it's not uncommon for someone who suffers from fatigue to experience not just an increase in their energy levels, but also experience better sleep, a clearer mind, and better digestion, all from an approach that aims at improving body function, not suppressing symptoms.  Pretty awesome.

I'm always available to see if I can help you improve your health and look forward to sharing more successful patient stories in the future!

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